Solar Blooms - Solid Soil

And we are going on the road, this time to the lands of Ukraine, lands that deserve all our support and strength !!! Let's talk about a band known as Solar Blooms!!!

If you are a Prog Rock lover, with Psychedelic Rock influences, full of attitude, aggressiveness and heaviness, you can't miss this band! It is necessary to mention that everything that has already been mentioned is combined with very well done riffs and a vocal that really does justice to bands that carry the flag of Prog Rock / Psychedelic I just have to say, listen to Solar Blooms!

Solid Soil is an incredible song, it manages to deliver all the modernity that we can find in the best bands of the genre, yet they produce their sound without losing their originality, without failing to explain their personality and creativity, and in this song, the band manages to demonstrate very well what the band is capable of. Check it out!