Stanleyville - My Glorious Sword

Here we go, we will travel to the so famous and amazing land of the rising sun! For those who know, already know which country we are talking about, we are going to Japan! let's talk about the band Stanleyville!

We have here another good representative of Japanese metal, and as I always say, Japanese metal always surprises by the quality, versatility and creativity of its musicians. Here it couldn't be different, we have a band that produces a Medival metal, with influences from melodic metal and power metal. A band that delivers good songs full of energy, speed, and intensity!

My Glorious Sword, is an excellent example of what the band is capable of, full of power, speed and many influences, the band demonstrates a good musical creativity, where they manage to captivate the listener and make him/her interested in seeking other songs from the band that will certainly be worth every play. Check it out below!