Strega Nona - Like Bone

It is with great pleasure that we continue our journey through the musical world, where we will go to the lands of the United States of America, as we will talk about the band Strega Nona!!!

For those who already follow Metaljunkbox, you know very well that we like Post Rock and bands that use these influences in their sound, here, I present you Strega Nona, a band that unites its Post Rock to all the depth of Black Metal, thus creating a very interesting performance and that manages to captivate the listener from the first play! So I say, listen to Strega Nona.

Like Bone was the song responsible for awakening the interest in this talented band that managed to catch our eyes and make us stay a long time listening to their songs, so I can say with property that listening to this song, like me, you can be transported to a parallel reality and live an excellent musical experience that the band can and very well deliver in their work, check it out!