Superchanger - Forklift Certified

Today our musical journey will take us to the United States of America! We'll be talking about the band Superchanger!

There are bands that, when they're good, come back to MJ, and Superchanger is one of them! The band has already appeared here, so if you missed it, check out a bit about the band:

Here we have an excellent representative of intense stoner rock, the kind where every riff feels like an electric charge running through your body, with just the right amount of heaviness, excellent riffs and top-notch production! If you like this kind of band, be sure to check them out! All this is combined with a great piece of work that is worth every second of listening!

Forklift Certified is a song that I'm sure will grab your attention from the very first play! This is a bold, intense and very well-produced piece of work! With unparalleled modernity and creativity, the band delivers a totally instrumental song that is undoubtedly already a hit! Check it out: