stolen throne cover 1715204514425
stolen throne cover 1715204514425

The Antarctican - Stolen Throne

As always we're on the road, heading straight to the United States of America, to talk about the band The Antarctican!!!

If you're a fan of good Heavy Metal, with strong Melodic/Progressive Metal influences, those that are filled with excellent riffs, solos that capture the attention for their beauty and execution, I can only say that you can't stop listening to this band! You'll certainly have a great time listening to the songs that the band has in its musical collection, so I just have to say one more time, listen to The Antarctican!

A banda acaba de lançar o seu mais recente single intitulado “Stolen Throne” no passado dia 21 de Junho, e já se encontra disponível nas principais plataformas digitais.


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