The End of Melancholy - Sacrifice

From the series MetalJunkbox without borders, let's talk about a band directly from Russia, they are The End of Melancholy!

The band has a female vocalist in charge of Front woman of the band, and it must be said, she represents very well! They count on a very particular sonority, which has from symphonic effects to the most extreme, gothic and alternative influences are also noticed here. The guttural vocals and clean vocals set the tone of the songs, all this allied to a lot of weight and musical quality.

In the single Sacrifice, it is possible to confirm everything that was described above, with an execution worthy of being appreciated, the band invests in audio visual and presents the fans with an excellent video clip that speaks for itself, check it out right here below!

If you like what you hear, I strongly recommend following the band (this writer has already done so) and be sure to listen to their full album 2022 Nature Unleashed, from which the single Sacrifice was taken.