This Island Earth - Crawl / No Loyalty

Let's talk about an American band known as This Island Earth!

Here we have a band that knows very well how to produce their sound. With a modern approach, the band brings influences from various genres, from MetalCore, alternative metal and more. All these influences are very welcome in the final result, because they manage to put their identity very well in each song!

Let's talk more specifically about the two singles we had the pleasure to listen to, starting with No Loyalty, song that has a videoclip for promotion and a great sound to introduce the band, heavy, intense with a great vocal, convincing guitar solos and a sound that manages to catch and very well at the first play! Crawl is the most recent release, so recent that it was released on 10/31/2022, also known as yesterday. Here we have a sound even heavier than the previous one, with a vocal that goes from guttural/scream to a cleaner vocal! I really enjoyed the presentation the band brought and I believe they have a good way to go! Check it out!