Vain Louie - Lighten the Load of Life

Let's go a little higher, let's go to the Lowcountry, because today we are going to talk about the band Vain Louie!

We have here a band with a lot of quality and good songs, in activity since 2020, the band impresses for its creativity and musical maturity! The songs we had the opportunity to hear gave us a very good impression of the quality that the band presents in their work, something worthy of recognition considering how much we like what we hear. Their sound is very influenced by Hardcore and Metalcore, very current and well performed!

In Lighten the Load of Life, I was impacted very quickly by the sound of the band, I really liked the quality of the production, the riffs, the vocals and the construction between drums and bass, all very aligned and done very well! It was not possible to listen to just this single, which led me to listen to more works released by the band and I have to say, do the same! I keep waiting for more unreleased material and promise to follow the band's evolution closely!