Wasted Maniacs 1
Wasted Maniacs 1

Wasted Maniacs - Dirsty Sarah

Let's get on the road, let's go up to the heartlands of Europe, we're going to Germany!!! We're going to talk about the band Wasted Maniacs!

Let's see, if you're into listening to a good band that knows how to produce its sound, combining elements from different movements in the world of rock/metal, ranging from crossover, rock and heavy metal? Then take some time to listen to Wasted Maniacs! A band that will captivate you with their original, very distinctive sound, full of influences, heaviness, melodies and a lot of attitude!

Dirty Sarah is a very intense song, full of nuances that take the listener into that 70s/80s heavy metal atmosphere, influenced by many different movements in the metal world and all the energy that only Wasted Maniacs could provide! Recommended!


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