Zeke Sky - Level The Heights

It's with great pleasure that we continue our journey through the musical world, where we'll be heading to the lands of the United States of America to talk about Sky!!!

If you like a good metal band, with a touch of metalcore / alternative metal, heavy metal, psychedelic rock and much more, all I have to say is listen to Zeke Sky! Combining a lot of weight, speed and attitude, the band demonstrates that they know very well how to produce and deliver bold, well-crafted, quality material! It's important to highlight the band's incredible ability to execute, with a very unique proposal, the band manages to deliver a modern, heavy, fast and very well produced sound!

Level The Heights is an authentic Louder, Harder and Stronger performance!!! We really have an impeccable execution, weight and aggressiveness, combined with a vocal that contemplates all the band's instruments and gives that chaotic atmosphere that is so desired in bands of this style! In short, we have here a band that deserves to be followed closely so as not to miss any release, check them out!!!