Battle Beast - Circus of Doom (2022)

The Finnish power metal warriors are back with their newly released sixth album, Circus of Doom, marking the band's triumphant return to Nuclear Blast Records.

Always mixing Power Metal with melodic rock and hard rock, the Finns are not afraid of sounding commercial, and they do it with excellence because of the great vocalist Noora Louhimo. Keeping the same line and sound of the last two albums mainly, Battle Beast present here another cohesive and mature work, with ten songs in little more than forty minutes the album never sounds tiresome or dremodé, this mix between epic Power Metal and Hard Rock works excellently, the weight and melody meet in something that could be a Broadway musical.

At the end of the day Circus of Doom is another great work from Battle Beast , fun, catchy, with an identity and sure to please far beyond the Power Metal audience.