Fit for an Autopsy - Oh What the Future Holds (2022)

After three years the North Americans of Fit for an Autopsy are back with their sixth album, the heavy Oh What the Future Holds released this month.
The band led by the guitarist duo Will Putney and Pat Sheridan, the only members of the original lineup, is still sharp and increasingly presenting a very high musical quality. Now with a third guitarist and with vocalist Joe Badolato increasingly consolidated in the band, it is easy for one of the pillars of Deathcore to deliver a work of this level, or at least makes it look easy.
Oh What the Future Holds is an avalanche of intensity led by edgy vocals and powerful riffs, accompanied by incredible melodies and a huge wave of rhythmic destruction from beginning to end.
Fit for an Autopsy continues to outdo themselves work after work, I'm beginning to wonder how far they can evolve, we have here one of the best works of the band, starting with the beautiful cover and ending in the last second of the last track The Man That I Was not , a perfect way to close this exquisite album, the year has just started but we already have here one of the main works of 2022.