HammerFall - Hammer of Dawn (2022)

Swedish power metal band HammerFall have just released their twelfth studio album, titled Hammer of Dawn.

With a career of almost thirty years, the band doesn't intend to invent the wheel, or to present something innovative, because within the power metal formula it gets harder every day to innovate or dare too much, but what the fans want to hear is exactly this traditional and effective formula, and what we have in Hammer of Dawn is exactly that.

Coming from two great albums , Built To Last from 2016 and Dominion from 2019, the Swedes have raised expectations, and although this twelfth album is not as amazing as its predecessor it ends up pleasing in a natural way, we are facing ten songs that last just over forty-five minutes , which really makes the flame not fall, the band manages to keep the high turnover in a satisfying way.

We have great moments like Brotherhood , No Son Of Odin and Venerate Me which is very good and has a special appearance by King Diamond that inexplicably is very poorly used, yet the music is exquisite.

Hammer of Dawn may not be as good as their latest albums, but it is still a cohesive album with great moments, making it clear that HammerFall lives a great phase consolidating itself as one of the best power metal bands of today.