Photo: Richard Forsman / Samael Creative

TUSKA Expo – Tuska Festival 2024

Located within the confines of Kattilahalli, nestled behind the main stage and the bustling food area, the TUSKA Expo beckoned with its eclectic offerings and vibrant atmosphere. This dedicated space served as a magnet for metal aficionados seeking more than just music.

Inside Kattilahalli, the TUSKA Expo unfolded as a lively marketplace adorned with a myriad of stalls. Here, attendees could peruse and purchase an array of metal-themed merchandise, from jewellery and clothing to unique memorabilia and oddities that captured the essence of the festival’s spirit.

Jewellery from Design From Finland at display. Photo: Richard Forsman / Samael Creative

Beyond the shopping experience, the Expo hall catered to diverse tastes within the metal community. DIY enthusiasts could indulge in crafting sessions, creating their studded leather bracelets or experimenting with elaborate corpse paint and hair extensions, adding a personal touch to their festival experience.

For those inclined towards more daring expressions, the Expo offered a carnival-like ambience with activities that included games, tattoo and piercing services, and even a spectacle involving piercings and suspensions—an audacious nod to the metal aesthetic that pushed boundaries.

Suspension show by Impossible Bodyart. Photo: Richard Forsman / Samael Creative

As I navigated through this immersive space, captivated by its energy and creativity, my exploration was unfortunately curtailed. The beckoning call of the next band on my agenda, situated on the opposite side of the festival grounds, compelled me to bid a reluctant farewell to the TUSKA Expo.

Nevertheless, the experience had left an indelible mark, underscoring the Expo’s role as more than just a marketplace. It embodied the communal spirit of TUSKA, where metal music thrives alongside vibrant expressions of culture and creativity, reaffirming Kattilahalli’s place as a cherished venue within the festival’s rich tapestry.


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