Alestorm: Tuska Festival 2024

With the sun still casting its golden glow over TUSKA 2024, the atmosphere took a lively turn as Alestorm, the Scottish purveyors of pirate metal, took to the stage. Having witnessed their raucous performances numerous times before, I knew I was in for a swashbuckling good time.

Alestorm’s music is a unique blend of folk and power metal, infused with humorous and adventurous tales of pirates, drinking, and maritime folklore. As their infectious melodies filled the air, the audience erupted into a sea of cheers and chants, embodying the spirit of a rollicking pirate crew.

From the first chord of “Keelhauled” to the anthemic “Drink,” Alestorm’s set was a whirlwind of catchy tunes, energetic guitar riffs, and the unmistakable sound of keyboards and accordion. Their music, coupled with their theatrical stage presence, transformed the festival grounds into a pirate’s haven, complete with fans adorned in pirate garb and waving flags high.

For me, the experience was exceptional this time around as I found myself closer to the action than ever before, capturing Alestorm’s antics from the coveted photo pit. The energy was infectious, with every song drawing the audience deeper into their world of plunder and revelry.

Alestorm’s ability to blend humour with high-energy metal was on full display, making it impossible not to join in the festivities. Their set was a testament to their enduring appeal and their knack for creating an atmosphere where every attendee feels like part of the crew, especially with the iconic presence of #Pittipaavo added to the festivities.

As the sun dipped below the horizon and Alestorm bid their farewell, they left behind a crowd electrified and smiling, proof that their brand of feel-good party metal transcends mere music—it’s a journey into a world of endless adventure and camaraderie.

Alestorm's Setlist at Tuska Festival 2024

Venue: Suvilahti, Helsinki

  • Keelhauled
  • Back Through Time
  • Alestorm
  • Under Blackened Banners
  • Hangover
  • Uzbekistan
  • Mexico
  • Voyage of the Dead Marauder
  • Big Ship Little Ship
  • P.A.R.T.Y.
  • Shit Boat (No Fans)
  • Drink
  • Zombies Ate My Pirate Ship
  • Fucked With an Anchor

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