Bambie Thug at Facedown Scala, London 2024

In early hours of Saturday, 8th June 2024 London crowds came to experience one of the very first gigs of Bambie Thug after Eurovision. The club night party also featured an energetic Cassyette‘s DJ set in collaboration with anonymous producer Filthy Pig as well as emotional performance from London-based band Your Misery.

Bambie Thug is an absolute world-class performer who simply swept away fans in a sold out venue Scala. The non-binary performer did not shy away from sensual dance and very impressive gymnastics. During their 30-minute long set included 9 songs that were pumped by dynamic lights and grandiose atmosphere. Their performance included tunes like Tsunami (11:11), Kawasaki (I Love It), Necromancy , P.M.P., Last Summer (I know what you did), Bye Boy, Eternal Sunshine, Egregore, and lastly their Eurovision hit Doomsday Blue.

If you have never experienced Bambie Thug show live – not to worry, they are about to hit the road in the UK and Europe from 30th August to 7th November 2024. The full dates and venue list available on their website.

Being able to experience the show on Saturday I am convinced that every music lover will get sucked by Bambie’s witchy vibes and wonderful stage persona. Their unconventional and uncompromisable spirit just kicked off to skyrocket within music industry. 2024 is the year of Thug, Bambie Thug.

Bambie Thug Setlist

Venue: Scala, London

  • Tsunami (11:11)
  • Kawasaki (I Love It)
  • P.M.P
  • Last Summer (I Know What You Did)
  • Bye Boy
  • Eternal Sunshine
  • Egregore
  • Doomsday Blue

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Artists: Bambie Thug, Cassyette, Filthy Pig, Your Misery

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