Bring Me The Horizon – 3Arena Dublin Live Review

After a wild weekend that shook Dublin to its core, metal enthusiasts were in for a treat as Bring Me The Horizon made their triumphant return for the first time since 2011! The NXGN WRLD TOUR, which had already taken the UK by storm, was about to reach its grand finale in the vibrant city of Dublin. With the electrifying support of Static Dress and the explosive energy of Bad Omens joining the ride, the 3Arena was about to witness a night to remember!

As fans sought refuge from the winds outside, the atmosphere inside the venue crackled with anticipation. Static Dress kicked off the spectacle with a high-octane set, sending waves of positivity through the crowd. Tracks like “Disposable Care” and “Sober Exit(s)” set the stage on fire, while Olii’s boundless energy bounced off the walls, putting smiles on the early birds’ faces. The climax of their set with the dynamic duo of “Sweet” and “Clean” left the audience in thunderous applause.

Following suit, Bad Omens took the stage, obliterating the Dublin faithful with an explosive rendition of “ARTIFICIAL SUICIDE.” Donning their iconic balaclavas, the band set the bar impossibly high. Paying homage to Irish actor Cillian Murphy, they seamlessly transitioned into the emotional “Like A Villain.” Despite a brief interruption during “Limits” due to a fan injury, Bad Omens unleashed the holy trinity of “THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND,” “Just Pretend,” and the otherworldly “Dethrone” to conclude their set.

Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived as Bring Me The Horizon toyed with fans through a video featuring their AI character, Eve, setting the stage for the explosive entry with “Dark side.” Throwing it back to Sempiternal with “Empire (Let Them Sing)” and unleashing the anthemic “MANTRA,” they set the crowd on fire.

Returning to their newer material, Oli commanded the crowd to bounce to “Teardrops” before scorching Dublin with the fiery “AmEN!”. Expressing his appreciation, Oli declared, “You know I’d die for you, right?” leading into “DiE4u,” followed by the chaotic yet highly danceable “Kingslayer” and an acoustic rendition of “sTraNgeRs.”

The surprises kept coming as Bring Me The Horizon welcomed Static Dress lead singer Olli Appleyard back on stage for a nostalgic throwback to “Suicide Season” with “Diamonds Aren’t Forever.” The energy soared even higher with “Parasite Eve” and a chaotic collaboration with Noah from Bad Omens on “Antivist.”

The night took an emotional turn with a beautiful rendition of “Drown,” followed by a pause due to a serious medical emergency. Kudos to the medics at the 3Arena who swiftly acted, reminding everyone to “look after each other.” Resuming with “Can You Feel My Heart,” the main set came to a close.

After a brief intermission, Eve teased the crowd with a foreboding message, leading to a captivating video package spanning the band’s entire career. Bring Me The Horizon launched into the highly emotional “Doomed,” with Oli expressing gratitude to the crew and dedicating “LosT” to them and the night reached its crescendo with a spectacular performance of “Throne,” featuring breakdowns, pyro, confetti, and streamers, capping off a mesmerizing and unforgettable experience.

Bring Me The Horizon undoubtedly stands as one of the pinnacle live acts in the metal scene today. Their remarkable energy, crowd control, and seamless set transitions are unrivalled. Already at the summit, it’s clear that they are poised to reach new heights, ushering in a new wave of alternative music for years to come!

Review and photos by Nick Davarias


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