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death cult electric brixton 21112023 10

Live Review: Death Cult 8323 no Electric Brixton, Londres 2023

On a cold and rainy November night in London, the legendary Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy brought the formidable legacy of Death Cult to the Electric Brixton stage, marking 40 years since the inception of The Cult’s enigmatic predecessor, as part of their Death Cult 8323 tour.

This concert was a journey through time, delving into the deep cuts and beloved anthems that have defined the band’s illustrious and successful history.

The night kicked off with the multi-instrumentalist Lili Refrain, whose ethereal performance set a surreal tone, echoing the dark essence of Death Cult​​​​. It was a fitting prelude to a night of nostalgia, celebration, and raw energy.

When Death Cult took the stage, the atmosphere was electric. The opening chords of “83rd Dream” from The Cult’s debut album “Dreamtime” immediately captivated the audience. Astbury’s voice was a revelation, his performance as potent and powerful as it was in the band’s early days, flawlessly executing both the highs and gritty lows​​​​​​.

The setlist was a masterful curation of Death Cult and The Cult classics, satisfying long-time fans and showcasing the band’s evolution. From the driving rhythms of “Christians” and “Gods Zoo” to the haunting melodies of “A Flower in the Desert,” each song was a testament to the band’s enduring appeal​​​​.

The band’s command over the stage was evident. Astbury, during “Hollow Man,” seemed more engaged and lively than ever, his charisma undiminished by time. The skilful pacing of the show, from the introspective early numbers to the more bombastic later hits, demonstrated their mastery of performance​​.

The night concluded with “She Sells Sanctuary,” a track so iconic that its opening riff transported the crowd to a state of collective ecstasy, a perfect end to a magnificent evening​​​​.

As fans filed out of Electric Brixton into the London night, the impact of Death Cult’s music was palpable. The band not only revisited their roots but also reminded everyone why their music has remained relevant and resonant for over four decades. While Billy Duffy jokingly hinted at another forty years, one thing was clear: the magic of Death Cult and The Cult’s music remains as potent and captivating as ever​​.

Setlist Deathcult 8323 at Electric Brixton:

  • 83rd Dream
  • Christians
  • Gods Zoo
  • Brothers Grimm
  • Ghost Dance
  • Butterflies
  • A Flower in the Desert
  • Resurrection Joe
  • Horse Nation
  • Go West (Crazy Spinning Circles)
  • Hollow Man
  • Dreamtime
  • Spiritwalker
  • Rain
  • Moya
  • She Sells Sanctuary

Review by Michel C. and photos by Daniel Caceiro


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