Luna Kills: Tuska Festival 2024

My final venture into the realm of the TUSKA KVLT stage led me to Luna Kills, a band whose presence on social media had piqued my curiosity long before their live performance. While their musical style wasn’t typically my forte, the opportunity to witness their energy onstage was one I couldn’t pass up.

Navigating through the crowd to secure a spot required some deft manoeuvring, but wielding my camera with its unmistakable “authority lens” often paved the way, allowing me to capture the essence of their performance up close. Positioned in a corner due to the packed venue, I found myself with a vantage point that offered a clear view of the band’s full-throttle energy.

Formed in 2015, Luna Kills has carved out a niche with their blend of hard rock and modern alternative music. Their music, defined by powerful vocals, infectious riffs, and polished production, resonates with themes of personal struggle and empowerment. Fronted by vocalist Lotta Ruutiainen, their live show was a testament to their ability to engage and energise the audience, especially those in the front row who were swept up in the intensity of the performance.

Despite my initial reservations about their genre, Luna Kills’ dynamic presence and stage charisma left a lasting impression, underscoring their rapid ascent within the contemporary rock scene.

Luna Kills' Setlist at Tuska Festival 2024

Venue: Tiivistämö, Helsinki

  • we were born to die
  • here for the drama
  • slay ur enemies
  • love u
  • Waves
  • Sugar Rush
  • Leech
  • Honey Trap
  • super sick
  • Hallucinate
  • fever dream
  • deep cuts

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