Polyphia – Download Festival – Friday 14.06.24

The instrumental quartet from Polyphia took the Apex Stage by literal storm on a Friday afternoon. Melodic riffs, pouring rain and crazy fans moshing as well as crowd surfing were just solidifying their position in the music industry as modern day rock stars.

If you expected a shredding storm, you most definitely gotten it from Polyphia on that day. Their amazing set at the Download Festival was supported by bright smiles, endless joyful guitar sounds and vibrant fans gathered in front of the main festival stage. From the very first song – “Loud” to the last one – the iconic “G.O.A.T” the atmosphere was truly rocking the Donnington Park Circuit.

I can sincerely admit the band gave one of the best shows during the whole weekend. They proved that instrumental music is still on the rise, and the lack of sung lyrics was not the issue. Polyphia members encouraged people watching them to harmonise to their music vocally, which sounded phenomenal. Adding to that playful weather outside and muddy conditions – it could not be more powerful and big.

To conclude – I have no doubt they will be still on the rise in the upcoming years. Youthful vibe and quirky, bold sound is still finding new ways to reach people. I would not be surprised if one day they end up with a Grammy, and headline another big festival in Europe or America. They are top-tier musicians who do not distractions to their music to be at the top of their game. Rock on Polyphia!

Polyphia Setlist

Venue: Donington Park, Castle Donington

  • Loud
  • Chimera
  • Goose
  • 40oz
  • ABC
  • Champagne
  • So Strange
  • The Worst
  • Euphoria
  • Genesis
  • Playing God
  • G.O.A.T.

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