Tarot: Tuska Festival 2024

Photo: Richard Forsman / Samael Creative

In the realm of Finnish heavy metal, Tarot stands as a steadfast pillar, their presence synonymous with stability and unwavering musical prowess. Formed in 1985 in Kuopio by brothers Marco Hietala and Zachary Hietala, Tarot has cemented their legacy with a powerful and melodic approach to traditional heavy metal, enriched by occasional symphonic flourishes and hard rock sensibilities.

Marco Hietala’s distinctive vocals and masterful bass playing anchor Tarot’s sound, which delves into themes of mythology, fantasy, and introspection. Their lyrics are renowned for their poetic depth and philosophical musings, reflecting a profound connection to storytelling and emotional expression.

Over the decades, Tarot has carved a distinguished path with albums like “Spell of Iron,” “To Live Forever,” and “Gravity of Light,” each contributing to their enduring reputation for tight musicianship and anthemic choruses that resonate deeply with their loyal fanbase. Their live performances are celebrated for their power and precision, showcasing a band that has honed their craft to perfection.

As fixtures of the Finnish metal scene, Tarot’s presence has been felt at numerous festivals, their consistent performances a testament to their reliability and lasting impact. Their influence extends beyond Finland, earning them an international following that appreciates their classic heavy metal sound and enduring appeal.

While their shows may not always surprise, Tarot’s dedication to their craft and their ability to deliver memorable performances ensure they remain a respected and cherished name in the global metal community. As they continue to navigate the evolving landscape of metal music, Tarot’s legacy as stalwarts of Finnish heavy metal is firmly secured, a testament to their enduring passion and musical excellence.

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