vola tuska festival 2024 2
vola tuska festival 2024 2

Vola Live Review: Tuska Festival 2024

The second day of TUSKA 2024 began with a dash of chaos, courtesy of Helsinki’s bustling weekend that also hosted Pride Helsinki alongside the metal extravaganza. My agenda was set to capture VOLA’s performance, but navigating through the city’s overwhelmed public transport system led to unexpected detours, causing me to miss a substantial portion of their set.

Despite the setback, glimpses from behind the main stage offered a teasing taste of VOLA’s atmospheric prowess. Disappointingly, large stage props obstructed much of the view, prompting a promise to catch them again when they returned to Finland later in the year.

Amidst the festival’s buzz, a media tour provided insights into TUSKA’s evolution and future plans. Highlights included significant upgrades across all stages, from the revamped Radio City stage to the expanded main stage, marking the largest setup in TUSKA’s history. Excitingly, discussions also unveiled the introduction of the Helsinki Metal Festival, catering to classic metal enthusiasts while TUSKA focuses on showcasing emerging talents.

Looking forward, the continuity of TUSKA at Suvilahti remains uncertain beyond 2025, as the area faces impending reconstruction plans. This impending change casts a shadow over the future of both TUSKA and Flow Festivals, two of Helsinki’s major cultural events.

Formed in Copenhagen in 2006, VOLA has carved a niche in progressive metal with their intricate blend of rock, metal, and electronic influences. Albums like “Inmazes” and “Applause of a Distant Crowd” have earned them acclaim for their ability to seamlessly intertwine heavy, riff-driven passages with ethereal melodies and atmospheric synthesisers. Their dynamic soundscapes create an immersive listening experience that continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

As VOLA evolves and explores new musical territories, they solidify their status as trailblazers in the progressive metal scene, pushing boundaries with each release while maintaining a profound sense of melody and emotional depth. At TUSKA 2024, even amidst the chaos, VOLA’s presence and promise left an enduring impression, setting the stage for their continued ascent in the realm of progressive music.

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Vola's Setlist at Tuska Festival 2024

Venue: Suvilahti, Helsinki

  • Alien Shivers
  • Stone Leader Falling Down
  • Stray the Skies
  • 24 Light-Years
  • Paper Wolf
  • These Black Claws
  • Head Mounted Sideways
  • Ruby Pool
  • Break My Lying Tongue
  • Smartfriend
  • Inside Your Fur
  • Straight Lines

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