don broco koko london 191223 2
don broco koko london 191223 2

Don Broco - Final show of the tour: December 19, 2023 @ Koko Camden

The atmosphere at Koko in London on the evening of December 19th was charged with anxiety and anticipation. It was the last night of Don Broco's tour, almost 10 years since they first played the historic venue in Candem.

With Ocean Grove and Trash Boat setting the stage, the scene was set for an unforgettable finale.

Ocean Grove

Their confident and dynamic performance, marked by strong rhythms and charismatic vocals, won over many in the audience, adding followers to their already growing fan base. They delivered a set that was a perfect combination of attitude and catchy melodies.

Trash Boat

Next up was Trash Boat, a band from St. Albans known for their energetic punk sound. With their recent album, 'Don't You Feel Amazing?', the band have taken their style to a new level. The songs 'Silence Is Golden' and 'Bad Entertainment' kept the crowd's energy high, perfectly preparing everyone for the explosion that would be the main show. Vocalist Tobi Duncan announced that a new album was on the way, and the new tracks 'Delusions of Grandeur' and 'Liar Liar' were well received by the audience. Their set was a fascinating mix of intensity and melody, leaving fans eager for more and demonstrating why they are a force to be reckoned with on the rock scene.

Don Broco

When Don Broco appeared, the place exploded. Vocalist Rob Damiani, even with a neck brace, couldn't contain himself. His energy was contagious, showing that his physical limitations were no match for his passion for performing. This was most evident when a fan handed him a packet of Mulino Bianco Batticuori, a moment that highlighted the band's connection with their audience.

The set list was a thoughtful mix of Don Broco's hits. Starting with 'Gumshield' and moving on to 'Manchester Super Reds No.1 Fan' and 'Uber', the band set a lively pace. Songs like 'Bruce Willis' and 'Everybody' had the audience at their peak, singing along fervently.

'Fancy Dress' touched the hearts of the audience, offering a mixture of nostalgia and freshness. The highlight of the evening, however, was undoubtedly 'T-Shirt Song'. Its familiar chords turned the crowd into a swirling mass, with T-shirts whirling above their heads in a display of unity and enthusiasm.

The encore was a fitting end to the evening. 'Stay Another Day', 'Fingernails' and a final blast of 'T-Shirt Song' left the audience ecstatic. The performances by Don Broco, Ocean Grove and Trash Boat showed a combination of energy and interaction that was both captivating and sincere.

Leaving the venue, there was a feeling of satisfaction. It wasn't just another concert; it was a community experience. Don Broco's final London show, despite the challenges of the year, stood as a testament to the power and joy of live music. It was a night that, for many, would be remembered as a highlight of the year's live music scene.

Photos and review by Daniel Caceiro


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