igorrr o2 forum london 23 7
igorrr o2 forum london 23 7


The O2 Forum Kentish Town in London received a great line-up, with 4 bands with different styles, but with certain similarities: Hangman's Chair, Der Weg einer Freiheit, Amenra and Igorrr.

Although all the bands are part of the more underground world, they all have a similar vibe and totally different aesthetics, apart from their sound.

Just before the show, the main band, Igorrr, announced that they would not be selling merch because the house was asking 25% commission on each sale, a trend that has been increasing and fortunately more bands are objecting. But this was not enough to stop the bands from putting on an excellent show.

Hangman's Chair

The band opened what was to be an extremely heavy night, bringing their Doom sound, with clean vocals and occasional gutturals, the band played some of their best known songs, and gave the audience a taste of what was to come.

Der Weg einer Freiheit

The German quartet already came bringing a different style, a progressive black metal, using a lot of lighting to help with the show and playing songs from their entire career, including the most recent ones.


For those who don't know Amenra, the show may have been a shock, for being heavier than the previous ones, bringing a mix of post-metal, sludge and hardcore, opening with a huge amount of smoke with the song Razoearter, and black and white images in the background, and a lot of flashing lights, which certainly may have made some people uncomfortable, but the sound compensated.


The main band, Igorrr, is the most difficult to classify, as they make a mix of classical music, baroque, death metal, vacuum cleaner sounds, and a vocal mix with mezzo-soprano Marthe Alexandre and the gutturals and screams of JB Le Bail.

Opening with Italian Paranoid Bulldozer, it was already possible to see some people surprised by the band's style, but I believe in a positive way. Gautier Serre, was in the middle of the stage controlling the mixer, and some other instruments and commanding the show, while the rest of the band varied between songs from various albums like "Spirituality and Distortion" and "Savage Sinusoid", and closing with the expected Very Noise, so that nobody sleeps peacefully!

Igorrr Setlist at the O2 Forum Kentish Town in London, 2023

In conclusion, it was a very heavy and diverse night, both in bands and fans, but with above average quality.

  1. Intro
  2. Paranoid Italian Bulldozer
  3. Spaghetti Forever
  4. Hollow Tree
  5. Nervous Waltz
  6. Desert Downgrade
  7. Camel Dancefloor
  8. Tout petit moineau
  9. ieuD
  10. Parpaing
  11. Polyphonic Rust
  12. Overweight Poesy
  13. Viande
  14. Opus Brain
  15. Himalaya Massive Ritual
  16. Encore:
  17. Cheval
  18. Apopathodiaphulatophobie
  19. Robert
  20. Very Noise

Photos and reviews by Daniel Caceiro


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Artists: Amenra, Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Igorrr