sepultura electric brixton 4
sepultura electric brixton 4

Sepultura at Electric Brixton in London

  • Live Review: Sepultura @ Electric Brixton - London
  • 05/06/2022
  • Supports: Crowbar and Sacred Reich
  • Review and photos by Daniel Caceiro

With the unforeseen events of the pandemic, the tour of Sepultura's last album, Quadra, was not completed, and the band came with everything for 2022, bringing their best songs from the classics to the most recent ones.

With Crowbar opening, bringing their sludge and heavy atmosphere to start setting the mood for the show, and soon after one of the most classic bands of trash metal, Sacred Reich, you could already get an idea of what was to come.

After two excellent shows by the opening bands, it was time to dismantle the stage, highlighting Eloy Casagrande's drum kit and Quadra's banner.

While the band was preparing to enter the stage, we have War Pigs by Black Sabbath playing in the background and then Police by Titãs, two excellent music choices for the current times. Not long after the end of Police, Derrik, Paulo Xisto, Andreas Kisser and Eloy enter the stage and start the porradaria with Isolation and then Territory.

Throughout the show we had several songs from the band's entire career, counting on a lot of engagement from Derrik and Andreas with the audience, composed of a mix of Brazilians and Londoners, but all visibly very excited.

The show had an incredible energy, with the band releasing song after song with an impeccable sound coming from all members and to close, they played 2 classics that many fans were waiting for: Ratamahatta and Roots Bloody Roots.

Photos Sepultura concert in London 2022

Check out some of the pictures taken during the show below.

Sepultura setlist in London at Electric Brixton 2022:

  • War Pigs
  • Police
  • Isolation
  • Territory
  • Means to an End
  • Capital Enslavement
  • Kairos
  • Propaganda
  • Guardians of Earth
  • Last Time
  • Cut-Throat
  • Dead Embryonic Cells
  • Machine Messiah
  • Infected Voice
  • Agony of Defeat
  • Refuse/Resist
  • Arise
  • Ratamahatta
  • Roots Bloody Roots

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