skindred wembley arena 104
skindred wembley arena 104

Skindred: OVO Wembley Arena Live review 2024

Wembley Arena was the electrifying venue for a celebration of perseverance, as three genre-defying artists took to the stage for a monumental night. Although the unstoppable force of Welsh ragga-metal Skindred won their long-awaited coronation, the impact reverberated far beyond the crowning of just one band.

As Everything Unfolds

Kicking off the show was As Everything Unfolds, the up-and-coming post-hardcore band who wasted no time in making their mark. With a set that mixed metal, rock and electronica, the band commanded the stage of the iconic venue with the power of seasoned veterans - a remarkably confident show considering their relatively new status on stages of this magnitude.


Next up were the legendary nu-metal titans P.O.D., whose thunderous arrival provoked a roar of nostalgia that spread throughout the arena. Vocalist Sonny Sandoval's boundless energy proved infectious as the band played anthems that defined the era, such as "Alive" and the ubiquitous "Youth of the Nation". But a rousing rendition of the new hit "Afraid to Die" showed that these pioneers aren't finished adding to their already impressive legacy.


But make no mistake, this historic night belonged to the unstoppable steamroller known as Skindred. The second the unmistakable presence of lead singer Benji Webbe entered the stage, clad in a shimmering black ensemble, the arena was in his hands. After an entrance with Imperial March and blasting through the 90 minutes with the pulverizing reggae-metal grooves of "Set Fazers", they instantly stirred up the crowd for what was to come.

Classic anthems such as "Pressure" and the feverish "Rat Race" were sprinkled with ingenious flourishes and skillful interpolations, such as a scorching snippet of AC/DC's "Back In Black". Skindred's talent for creating instant fan favorites was also on full display, with the thunderous, blaring "That's My Jam", which had everyone shouting the words.

Webbe's masterful command and the cheeky banter between songs kept the energy off the charts, as did the many props and production elements, such as confetti cannons and beach ball bombings.

But the deep sense of unity, empowerment and resilience that guides their music and message has always elevated Skindred above the status of mere party band. While the reggae jam "L.O.V.E. (Smile Please)" happily preached inclusion with its hook "We want the right vibe, no negative vibe. Everyone in this place, you know we're the same tribe", poignant moments such as Webbe's deeply personal speech detailing his perseverance amidst the immense adversity of losing both parents at a devastatingly young age strengthened that unbreakable spiritual bond with the audience.

The explosive and incendiary set came to its rapturous climax with the iconic "Warning", when the Wembley faithful answered the call - taking off their shirts and spinning them over their heads in a dizzying sea of fabric to the legendary "Newport Helicopter". This marked Skindred's official arrival as new arena conquerors - a monumental and hard-won triumph, achieved with decades of effort by the band and the subculture of fans who never stopped believing.

With the mind-blowing sets of P.O.D. and As Everything Unfolds setting the scene earlier in the evening, this electrifying night served as an exciting affirmation that even the rockiest and most obstacle-filled roads can lead to glory through perseverance, passion and a firm willingness not to stray from the true path. For Skindred and his legion of supporters, this winding road has finally reached its biggest stage yet - but knowing his resilient and still-rising trajectory, this is undoubtedly just the first of many more peaks to be conquered on this epic journey.

Skindred setlist at OVO Arena Wembley

  1. Intro (Thunderstruck - AC/DC)
  2. Interlude (Imperial March)
  3. Set Fazers
  4. Pressure (With a snippet of 'Back in Black' by AC/DC)
  5. Rat Race (With a snippet of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen)
  6. World's on Fire
  7. That's My Jam
  8. L.O.V.E. (Smile Please)
  9. If I Could
  10. Kill the Power
  11. Life That's Free (with acoustic intro)
  12. Nobody
  13. Gimme That Boom


  • 14. Our Religion
  • 15. Warning

Photos and review: Daniel Caceiro


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