metal tuga podcast
metal tuga podcast

Metal and Rock bands from Portugal: Mindtaker, Fantasy Opus, Sinistro...

Today these two nomads, Michel and André, invited their partner Kaiser to board a ship and sail to the land of Camões, Pessoa, Saramago, fado, port and other tastes. 

Help yourself to a glass of wine, a pastel de bacalhau (codfish fritter), and trim your mustache because today the episode is in tugaland!

Zé Manel says: 

- OH EEEEEEELSA! Come here because today the metal is Portuguese man! 

- You meant "It's fucking good," Nando Silva about Metal Junkbox.

Listen to our playlist with the bands mentioned in the episode and follow our Instagram.

Intro by Cybass


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Artists: Fantasy Opus, Mindtaker, Sinistro