japanese metal podcast
japanese metal podcast

Metal and Rock from Japan: Dir En Grey, the GazettE, Ningen Isu, Maximum the Hormone...?

In today's episode, these three adventurers have gone even further in search of metal bands! Today the episode is in the land of the rising sun! In the land of Jaspion, Godzilla, Naruto, and co. we will talk about bands that you may not know about! Let's get on board in this episode! We will have many curiosities, epic moments, and humorous moments such as the Brazilian dubbing of Yu Yu Hakusho! Grab your favorite tokusatsu and let's defend Tokyo!

Some of the bands mentioned:

Listen to our playlist with the bands mentioned in the episode and follow our Instagram.

Intro by Cybass


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Artists: Dir En Grey, Maximum the Hormone, Ningen Isu, the GazettE