karkaos female vocal bands podcast
karkaos female vocal bands podcast

Women in Metal #1: Asagraum, Ankerkeria, Brutus, Walls of Jericho, Karkaos and Infected Rain

Welcome to the first episode of the WOMEN IN METAL series!

The main purpose of this series is to praise and promote the work of amazing bands that are in the scene and, besides that, to get away from the stereotype of the band full of guys with a hot woman with an angelic voice and a rough vocal.

By the way: it's ok for the band to have a hot woman with an angelic and rough voice on vocals, but the music world in general is MUCH more diverse than that and our mission here is to show that diversity!

For this very special inaugural episode mission, we enlisted the help of Mari Goé, from the Bloody Mary Channel ??

Let's go!

Bands quoted in the episode:


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Relevant links:

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Artists: Ankerkeria, Asagraum, Brutus, Infected Rain, Karkaos, Walls of Jericho