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Across Oceans - Above the Sky

Today our musical journey will take us to Germany! We'll be talking about the band Across Oceans!

If you happen to have ears that are sensitive to more intense metal genres, I can tell you that Across Oceans will be a band that can capture your attention and change your attitude! With a proposal for musical creation wrapped in a lot of weight, progressiveness, aggression and a vocal that knows very well how to bring all the elements together and deliver the best of itself, we have here a lesson in execution! That's why I say Across Oceans is the band you need to hear, it will certainly please fans of more aggressive bands and convert new fans! Recommended!

A banda acaba de lançar o seu mais recente single intitulado “Across Oceans” que faz parte do primeiro EP dos alemães chamado Atlantica , e já se encontra disponível nas principais plataformas digitais.


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