AMNESIAK has just released the video for Harm's Way

Self-titled EP Now Available

Enter the world of Amnesiak with 'Harm's Way', a video that combines spooky melodies and nocturnal visuals, reflecting the essence of their new EP. Watch it now here:

A Visual and Musical Work of Art:

The song, an ode to the memory of an abused and murdered woman, is presented through striking visuals and melodic shadows. The video, a creation of award-nominated director Kassandra Powell and mastered by Maor Appelbaum, offers a profound cinematic experience.


A Band that Promises:

Born in the lockdown of 2020 at the hands of Grace Wilson and Francesco Fonte, Amnesiak stands out with its dark alternative rock. With talent from the UK and USA, their debut 'Worms Of The Mind' and the EP of the same name mark the beginning of a promising journey.

Harm's Way: A Journey Not to Be Missed:

We invite you to watch, listen and share 'Harm's Way', a true demonstration of Amnesiak's dark and enigmatic art:


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