Ancient Fears - Pressed (Crushed by a Stone)

Today our musical journey will take us to the United States of America! We'll be talking about the band Ancient Fears!

With a lot of originality, weight, creativity and a great base of influences, among them I highlight Post-metal, Doom, sludge and Black Metal, the band uses and abuses its musical ability and delivers heavy, intense songs, full of feeling and aggression! If you want to get to know a good band, I recommend you listen to Ancient Fears!!!

Pressed (Crushed by a Stone) is a song that begins in a very intense way, making it clear that the band spares no effort to deliver quality material. With an exquisite execution, the song develops in a growing way and manages to cover a whole range of nuances that are part of the band's musical influences that deserve your attention! Check it out!


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