Angelic Desolation - Paco's Satanic Taco Truck

Today we will introduce an American band known as Angelic Desolation!

We have here the right stuff for fans of a heavy, intense, fast and brutal sound! We are talking about a band that produces an extreme Death Metal that manages to please and very well the lovers of this genre of metal. Songs that demonstrate very well all the range of elements needed to produce a sound of quality and well executed! In activity for some time now, the band has releases since the year 2014, also demonstrating a path of musical growth and career time.

In their single Paco's Satanic Taco Truck, we are transported to that heavy atmosphere, full of fast and well executed riffs, allied to an excellent drums that dictates the speed that follows very well with a brutal vocal full of energy, really an excellent sound to show what the band can deliver, check it out!