Zeal & Ardor Announce New Album "GREIF" + Share New Track "to my ilk"

Imagine a creature that breathes, consumes and transforms itself, always keeping its essence intact. That's the band ZEAL & ARDOR, a living musical entity, founded and led by Manuel Gagneux. Over the years, this beast has sharpened its claws, lengthened its teeth and strengthened its nerves, becoming ever more undeniable and unpredictable.

Now, after racking up millions of streams and receiving critical acclaim, the creature is ready to show its most dynamic and dangerous form on its fourth full-length, self-produced album, entitled GREIF, scheduled for release on August 23rd.

The title, GREIFis inspired by an annual tradition in Gagneux's hometown of Basel, Switzerland, where a hybrid mythical creature - a lion, a snake and a bird - parades through the streets, symbolizing the resistance of Basel's workers against the oppressive elite. The amalgamation of energies and the physicality of the animal made the name appropriate for the band's new chapter.

As a prelude, the group shared the album's final track, "to my ilk", a poetic conclusion with loose blues guitars winding around strong handclaps, while Manuel's voice echoes through a chorus, evoking deep emotions.

This time, Gagneux decided to shake things up by inviting his bandmates - Tiziano Volante [guitar], Marc Obrist [vocals], Denis Wagner [vocals], Lukas Kurmann [bass] and Marco Von Allmen [drums] - to expand their horizons in the studio. This cohesive unit, now like a small family, has brought new flavors and approaches to Manuel's songs.

Recorded in the Hutch Sounds studio in Switzerland in just five months, GREIF features three voices for the first time, broadening the color palette with moments of anger, accusation, consolation and happiness, exploring previously untried paths.

GREIF will be available on CD, clear vinyl and digitally, with pre-orders starting on April 26th. Get ready to witness the unpredictable evolution of ZEAL & ARDOR.


- "the Bird, the Lion, and the Wildkin"
- Fend You Off
- "Kilonova"
- "are you the only one now?"
- Go home my friend
- Clawing out
- Disease
- "369"
- Thrill
- "une ville vide"
- Sugarcoat
- "Solace"
- Hide in Shade
- "to my ilk"

We invite listeners to hear the full spectrum of the different sides and sounds that make up Zeal & Ardor, there are beautiful moments, but there is also a lot of intensity and charm. In Manuel's songwriting and in the process with each member, there is a certain intentionality as well as an element of randomness and accident. I can't wait to see people's reactions.


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