Appalachian Anarchy - Banjo Bloodbath

We continue our musical journey through the world of music, today we are going to the United States of America!!! We will present the band known as Appalachian Anarchy!!!

I have to say stop everything! Stop everything and come check out this band!!! We have here a band that knows very well how to incorporate elements of Alternative Metal, Folk Metal, Southern Rock, Melodic Metal and much more!!! All of this done in an exquisite way, thought out in every detail and with a wealth of riffs, solos and arrangements that impresses any listener!!! The highlight of everything we hear is that in addition to the richness of the music, all of it is entirely instrumental, which means it's really an invitation to immerse yourself in the band's creative capacity! I recommend you listen and draw your own conclusions ?

Banjo Bloodbath is a song that begins in a very intense way, making it clear that the band spares no effort to deliver quality material. With an exquisite execution, the song develops in a growing way and manages to cover a whole range of nuances that are part of the band's musical influences that deserve your attention! Check it out!


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