Art Against Agony - Slightly OvArt / She Who Thirsts

Today we're taking to the road to the lands of the north, more precisely the lands above France that have some of the best roads and bands in Europe, we're talking about Germany! Let's introduce the band Art Against Agony!

Stop everything you're doing, grab your best headphones and start reading this review by listening to the songs of this incredible band! I have to say, there are bands that leave no doubt that they were born to produce and deliver quality songs and Art Against Agony is one of them. With incredible work that knows very well how to include thousands of musical influences and turn them into unique songs full of meaning! For lovers of bands that produce their sound full of weight, aggression, intensity and a lot of feeling, we have here a work made for you.

Slightly OvArt was the song that introduced the band's musical proposal, with a totally instrumental approach, a hallmark of the band's identity, Slightly OvArt is a song that transcends, delivering all the weight, all the intensity in the form of riffs, cadences and many nuances that invite the listener to take a beautiful journey with the band. As you might imagine, when we heard the first song, we were almost instantly invited not to stop, so we went on with She Who Thirsts, another song that, like the previous one, delivers an unparalleled performance, just the right amount of weight, above-average intensity, an oriental touch and a sound that has a very particular candor, varying from moments of aggression to moments that are reminiscent of flamenco and that are thrown directly into an absurd intensity of riffs and exquisite performances! That's why I say again and again, listen to them because you'll be surprised ?