AurÆther - Origins

Let's sail to distant oceans, let's travel to the waters of the Pacific, let's go to Chile!!! We will present the band AurÆther!!!

There are bands that when you listen to them you like only a few songs, others you like only one song, but there are bands like AurÆther that you are impressed, thrilled and enchanted by from the very first play! What a band, my friends, what a band! With just a few seconds of playing, I was sure that I was in front of an incredible band that knows very well how to create their sound, using a good base of influences ranging from Alternative Metal, Groove Metal and much more! If you don't know this band yet, you're wasting your time! This band deserves your attention and many hours of listening ?

Origins was the song that opened the portals of our perception to the musical quality of this band! With a very incredible proposal, the band performs their song with incredible skill, full of weight, aggression and a lot of virtuosity! One of those songs that makes your day worthwhile, for having known something so good! Check them out: