Behaviour - Rex Imbecilic

Formed in mid-1989 in João Pessoa, Paraíba, the Brazilian band Behaviour is back with both feet in the door, releasing its debut album ?Rex Imbecilic? on August 11.

After a long hiatus, Behaviour, a classic band from the north-east of Brazil, presents an exquisite album with 10 tracks, including brutal singles such as the eponymous ?Rex Imbecilic? and the single "Death Chair?which opens the album with both feet in the door. The album also features emblematic guest appearances by Alex Kaffer from The Troops of Doom, Fernanda Lira from Crypta and Kam Lee, formerly of Massacre and now of Bone Gnawer. In other words, this is a tribute to good old-fashioned heavy metal, with a sound based on Old School Death Metal, killer riffs, a devastating kitchen and raw vocals, Behaviour delivers a work that does justice to its size.

Check out the great album ?Rex Imbecilic? already available on the main digital platforms.