Bite Down - Ynoga

We'll be traveling to a land that those of you who follow Metal Junkbox know very well how much we love! We're going to Sweden! Today we present the band Bite Down!

If you happen to have ears that are sensitive to more intense metal genres, I can tell you that Bite Down will be a band that can capture your attention and change your attitude! With a proposal for musical creation involved in a lot of weight and intensity, the band knows how to combine Core Metal and Alternative Metal, and build a sound that has a lot of aggression and a vocal that knows very well how to bring together all the musical elements and deliver the best of themselves!

The song that introduced us to the band was Ynoga. With a proposal full of attitude, weight and aggression and introspection, the band manages to deliver an incredible and very well-produced song! thus demonstrating an excellent creative quality, a mark that they make explicit in their lyrics and compositions!


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