Black Hare - Sin Tax

We continue our musical journey through the world of music, today we are going to the United States of America!!! We will present the band known as Black Hare!!!

I have to say stop everything! Stop everything and come check out this band!!! We have here a band that knows very well how to incorporate elements of alternative metal, punk rock, grunge, post punk and in the middle of it, put all the originality and creativity that the band knew very well how to put in their songs!!! It is necessary to point out that the band manages to create its sound in a very original and irreverent way and perhaps this is a great differential that I have to say is very well done, check it out!

Sin Tax is that song that delivers all the energy, heaviness, aggression and brutality of a good song, the kind to enjoy the day to the full and appreciate the guitar riffs, and all the feeling that the band knew very well how to introduce! Highly recommended!


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