Cadibode - Cruz-credo

Today's trip will be to our beloved land of the Southern Cross, we're going to Brazil! We're going to talk about the band Cadibode!

There are bands that, when they're good, come back to MJ, and Cadibode is one of them! The band has already appeared here, so if you missed it, check out a bit about the band:

The band we're bringing you today has an attitude that runs from the name of the band to the lyrics of their songs!!! A band that spares no effort to deliver good songs, which manage to convey their ideas and musical creativity. With a sound that is created with influences from diverse genres, such as: Hardcore, Stoner, flirtations with metal and Brazilian regional music! A truly rich source of influences, something that is evident in their songs!

Cruz-credo delivers exactly what you'd expect from a band that has influences from so many genres and manages to deliver a unique sound! That vibrancy and intensity worthy of a trip from 0 to 100 in seconds! That power that enchants and takes you to the most distant places, if that's what you're looking for, you've just found it! Check it out!!!


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