COBRA THE IMPALER announces new album and releases "The Message"

SNAKE THE IMPALER returns with its powerful new single and video for 'The Message'. Taken from the recently announced album Karma Collision'The Message', scheduled for release on May 31 by Listenable Records, is a reflection on the state of modern humanity and the difficulties that permeate our society. It's a call to arms - to confront the wrongdoings that threaten the future of our planet. These themes - which run through the core of the band's second album Karma Collision - manifest themselves through a dark and powerful intensity that can be felt throughout the album's 10 tracks.

Watch the music video for 'The Message':

Listen to 'The Message' here.
Pre-order Karma Collision here.

After conquering the stages of festivals such as Hellfest, Brutal Assault, Dynamo Metalfest, Alcatraz, Bloodstock, Metaldays and more, SNAKE THE IMPALER refined and distilled his furious energy into ten tracks that are a testament to his unwavering spirit. Karma Collision is not just a continuation of Colossal GodsBut rather a deepening, a masterful evolution that takes their established sound to cataclysmic new heights.

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When SNAKE THE IMPALER rises, it's not just the release of an album - it's an earth-shattering event, a moment that refuses to be ignored. With Karma CollisionThey don't just draw the listener in - they command everyone's attention, delivering an album destined to resonate through the ages and throughout the annals of metal history.

While Colossal Gods explored the relationship between humanity and nature, Karma Collision starts from the margins of human interaction, navigating the complexities of society, the inequalities that have arisen, the lessons we may or may not learn, and the challenges we find ourselves in alone or together. It serves as a mirror reflecting the gravity of life.

Track List the album of SNAKE THE IMPALER - Karma Collision

  • 1. magnetic hex
  • 2. Godless Beyonder
  • 3. Season of the Savage
  • 4. Eye of the Storm
  • 5. Karma Collision
  • 6. My Inferno
  • 7. The Fountain
  • 8. The Message
  • 9. Assassins of the Vision
  • 10. Shifting Sands

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