Damage Case - Dream Ahead

We continue our search for good bands in the world of music, and today our destination is Germany! We're going to talk about the band known as Damage Case!

Here is a band that knows how to create a sound based on the best and most modern in the metal scene, combining influences from alternative metal, heavy metal/thrash metal and much more! A modern, intense, well-crafted and well-produced sound! Lovers of bands like Metallica will feel a good musical comfort here, as it is possible to recognize influences of the band in the sound of Damage case, something that combined with the creativity and originality of the band was very cool ? I recommend you listen and draw your own conclusions!

Dream Ahead is a song that I'm sure will grab your attention from the very first play! This is a bold, intense and well-produced piece of work! With unparalleled modernity and creativity, the band delivers a song that is undoubtedly already a hit! Check it out:


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