darkest hour perpetual terminal
darkest hour perpetual terminal

Darkest Hour releases new single ?One With The Void?; new album out today!

Darkest Hour released their long-awaited tenth album, Perpetual | Terminal, today on the MNRK Heavy label. To celebrate the album's arrival, the band shared the video for 'One With the Void'.

Watch the video here:

Order Perpetual | Terminal here.

"This song, like this album, showcases John's incredible talent like no other," says guitarist Mike Schleibaum. "With that in mind, we chose to release this song, 'One With the Void', as our third video and single for the release of Perpetual | Terminal. An emotional leap, 'One with the Void' channels the melodic, dark and atmospheric side of Darkest Hour. We're excited to premiere this song alongside this incredible video by Mirko Witzki. This song is so personal to me, I love it. It continues John's long tradition of combining his incredible melodic talent with his introspective lyrical approach. For me, this is a love song; others may see another story, but there's no doubt that this song expands the band's musical repertoire and brings a balance to this album that makes it perfect."

Lead singer John Henry says: "This is probably my favorite song on the new album too. The song spoke to me from the earliest stages of the writing process and I knew it would be special. The whole space created by the band really inspired me to be creative with the vocal melodies and try out new approaches. It always feels risky to try new ideas and expand on the band's established sound, but it's also the most rewarding part of the process for me."

Darkest Hour, as a whole, has stood the test of time, trends and changes and is still going strong almost three decades since its formation. Their unique sound style incorporates death metal exorcisms, thrash recklessness, hardcore punk attitude and melodic catharsis at the speed of a mosh pit.

"The theme of the album revolves around the duality of survival while embracing rebirth," says Schleibaum. "We keep killing parts of ourselves to create new parts and survive. The story of the album is the story of the band. We're still here and we're presenting the world with a work that represents our music today. We realize that relationships, tours, good times, everything that seems to give life meaning, is terminal - and will inevitably end. However, we are 46-year-old guys who love this music enough to endure the challenges and difficulties of being artists in a touring band."

Darkest Hour came out of the Washington, D.C. area in the USA in 1995. Over the following years, they amassed tens of millions of streams and quietly built up a loyal fan base. Touring the world, they have sold out thousands of concerts and have been to every continent except Antarctica. Along the way, they achieved five top-three debuts on Billboard's Heatseekers album chart. Godless Prophets & the Migrant Flora, from 2017, marked the group's third number one debut on that chart, as well as entering the top 10 of the vinyl album chart. It also represented a creative and critical high point. In addition to praise from Revolver, EXCLAIM! and others, MetalSucks gave it a rare perfect score of "5 out of 5" and hailed it as "the best album Darkest Hour has ever made". New Noise called it "one of the best of 2017" and Metal Hammer dubbed it "a monumental comeback". PopMatters crowned it "a masterclass in following your beliefs, no matter where they may take you".


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