Dödsalliansen - Randominator

We're going up to the coldest waters, to the lands that all Portuguese know well, we're going to Norway!!! We will present the band Dödsalliansen!!!

Here we can say that we have all the energy and atmosphere of the great bands of the 80s/90s, with all the power of a good rock band with the energy of hard rock and melodic heavy metal, among other influences! Dödsalliansen deliver their reading of all these movements in the rock world with their very unique and characteristic sound, wrapped in excellent riffs, solos and good drum and vocal lines!

Their song Randominator is exactly the definition of all of the above, a sound that is a pleasure to listen to, full of energy, good riffs, weight and aggression in measure, a creative and intense production that leaves the listener wanting more and more to hear other songs by the band, so check it out!!!


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