floya yume
floya yume

FLOYA releases video for ?Yume? on album release day

The duo FLOYA have released their new single 'Lights Out' - the first song they have written and recorded together as a band. The track is part of their debut album, entitled Yume, which will be released on March 8th by Arising Empire.

Guitarist Marv Wilder comments:

"We were jamming somewhere in Norway when we came across the main riff for the song. Phil went straight into the recording booth and did some sketches, it was very natural. I feel that 'Lights Out' is a tribute to our musical roots, we were very different people when we wrote this song. Lyrically, it's probably the darkest one we've done, but the theme it addresses is so important. It's an incredible feeling to release it now after all this time, it's very rewarding."

'Lights Out' stands out as a standout track on FLOYA's electrifying debut album, Yume. The album features the band's recent singles, which are a captivating glimpse into their musical excellence. It's a collection of songs that promises to heighten your senses.

Pre-order Yume here: Pre-order link

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