Helen Kelter Skelter - Chroma Crawl

American band Helen Kelter Skelter just released their latest album, the Chroma Crawl EP, on June 16.

The EP has five tracks, and Helen Kelter Skelter have already presented their first two singles, which have attracted a lot of attention. The first single, entitled Best Friends, already shows a very intense and psychedelic sound, mixing traces of stoner rock with doses of doom and indie rock, all done with a lot of identity of their own.

The second single, Sceptre, follows the same line with low tunings and great ideas and melodies, immediately captivating anyone who is a fan of stoner or sludge, although the band always manages to flirt with the indie rock and psychedelic side, everything here sounds extremely well crafted and full of charisma.

The Chroma Crawl EP is available on the main digital platforms.