In Charge - Keep On Dreaming

Today our musical journey will take us to the city of Glasgow in our beloved Scotland! We'll be talking about the band In Charge!

For those of you who follow MJ, you know very well that when bands are good, they tend to appear here more than once, and that's the case with In Charge! If you haven't read/heard this band, I recommend you read below and listen to this song ?

Here we can say that we have all the energy and atmosphere of the great bands of the 80s, with all the power of a good rock band with the energy of hard rock and other influences! In Charge delivers its reading of all these movements in the rock world with its very unique and characteristic sound, wrapped in excellent riffs, solos and good drum and vocal lines!

Keep On Dreaming, just like its title says, is a song that manages to convey every feeling through its music! As we listen, we are struck and invited to tune in to the band's vibe and continue the fight in search of dreams and new horizons. Check it out: