Kaj Pousar - Femme Fatale

When we host bands from Sweden, we already know that a very famous phrase in Metaljunkbox will be uttered - Ahhh those wonderful Swedes!

Kaj Pousar is another one of those examples, here we have an excellent musician who pleases and very well in his sound, which has those AOR, Hard Rock influences and all that with the influences of the musician and his very particular vision.

In Femme Fatale, we have a sound with a lot of presence, energetic, intense and agitated, that typical music to put on high volume and enjoy day or night!

I believe we are in front of a good promise in which, I would very much like to keep the pace and deliver more unreleased material as the album 2022 Nine Lives! be sure to check out the full because it is excellent. Follow and enjoy Kaj Pousar!