KITTIE Announces New Album 'FIRE' and Shares New Single 'VULTURES'

The original Queens of Metal, KITTIEhave finally announced their highly anticipated new studio album, Firewhich is scheduled for release on June 21 via Sumerian Records. The upcoming release is the band's first full-length album in over 13 years, and to celebrate the exciting news, the band have also released new single 'Vultures', with its accompanying music video featuring live footage from the band's headline performance at this year's Sick New World festival in Las Vegas.

Listen to 'Vultures' and Pre-order Fire here.

Speaking about the new single and the announcement of the album, the singer and guitarist Morgan Lander he comments:

"Ten years ago, if someone had told us that we would be releasing new KITTIE music in 2024, we would have dismissed it immediately. It feels like something deeper than fate that has brought us together again, allowing us to create something bold and magical for you. We've worked incredibly hard over the last year and surrounded ourselves with the ultimate dream team to make this album a reality. We can't wait for you to lose yourselves in the passion and power of _Fire."

"'Vultures' is a bold musical statement, signaling our new beginnings as a band. 'Vultures' is a warning to those with hidden agendas, who thrive on deception. It is a proclamation of liberation from the chains of exploitation and a reckoning for those who feed on the bones of those who suffer in silence."

The new album, Fireis available for pre-order now with a variety of merchandise packages, including exclusive vinyl variants, T-shirts, a cassette tape, a sticker pack, a guitar pick pack, a laminate and two metal lunchbox designs. The packages available are as follows (each comes with a digital download of the album):

  • Fire CD Pack - T-shirt and CD
  • Fire Vinyl Pack - T-shirt and Vinyl
  • Fire Collector's Pack - T-shirt, Lunch box, CD, Cassette, Sticker pack, Laminate
  • Fire Ultimate Pack - T-Shirt, Lunch Box, Cassette, Guitar Pick Pack, Laminate, Sticker Pack, Vinyl

Pre-orders are now available at

Track list:
1. Fire
2. I Still Wear This Crown
3. Falter
4. Vultures
5. We Are Shadows
6. Wound
7. One Foot in the Grave
8. Are You Entertained
9. Grime
10. Eyes Wide Open

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